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-====== A10 Cubieboard Expansion Ports ======+====== A10/A20 Cubieboard Expansion Ports ======
-A10-Cubieboard ​share the same expansion port definition with A20-Cubieboard. Actually they share the same PCB.+A20-Cubieboard ​shares ​the same expansion port definition with A10-Cubieboard. Actually they share the same PCB.
 You can download the complete file from here : http://​​share/​link?​shareid=1391019704&​uk=993795718 You can download the complete file from here : http://​​share/​link?​shareid=1391019704&​uk=993795718
-created by cubieplayer 
 ====== External Links====== ====== External Links======
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