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 ======lubuntu-server-13.06-v1.00====== ======lubuntu-server-13.06-v1.00======
-=====Download===== +^Download^Features^ 
-  ​http://​​software/​a20-cubieboard/​lubuntu/​cb-a20-lubuntu-server-13.06-v1.00.img.gz+|\\  [[http://​​software/​a20-cubieboard/​lubuntu/​cb-a20-lubuntu-server-13.06-v1.00.img.gz|Img.gz]] |Enable MALI GPU| 
 +|:::| Enable many kernel modules that users want| 
 +|:::|Use linaro lubuntu 13.06 rootfs|
-  * Enable MALI GPU 
-  * Enable many kernel modules that users want 
-  * Use linaro lubuntu 13.06 rootfs 
-  * http://​​software/​a20-cubieboard/​lubuntu/​cb-a20-lubuntu-12.10-v1.06/​cb2-lubuntu-server-20131026/​ 
-=====Features===== +======lubuntu-server-13.08-v1.06======
-  * Enable Cedarx +
-  * Put uImage, uEnv.txt to first partition(/​dev/​nanda),​ so we can change it easily.+
-=====Note===== +^Download^Features^ 
-  * Why the version go to v1.06 from v1.00 directly? +| \\ \\ [[http://​​software/​a20-cubieboard/​lubuntu/​cb-a20-lubuntu-12.10-v1.06/​cb2-lubuntu-server-20131026/​ 
-Because we are using the exactly the same kernel with desktopJust make it more convenient ​to maintain the firmwares. ​+|server-20131026]]|Enable Cedarx| 
 +|:::|Change to linaro 13.08 rootfs| 
 +|:::|Put uImage, uEnv.txt to first  partition \\ (/​dev/​nanda),​ so we can change it easily|
 +<WRAP center round help 70%>
 +//**Why the version go to v1.06 from v1.00 directly?​**//​
 +Because we are using the exactly the same kernel with desktop. Just make it more convenient to maintain the firmwares. ​
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