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 =====Chinagdg/​Zhuhai Activities(20130728)===== =====Chinagdg/​Zhuhai Activities(20130728)=====
-[[http://​​docs/​cubieboard_hadoop.pdf |Intructions to hadoop cluster on cubieboard(pdf)]]+[[http://​​docs/EN/​cubieboard_hadoop.pdf |Intructions to hadoop cluster on cubieboard(pdf)]]
 The presentations is in chinese The presentations is in chinese
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 ====Tips==== ====Tips====
-from lubuntu 12.04 v1.04, ​we have integrated jdk 1.8 armhf on the images, so it's very easy to deploy hadoop on cubieboard\\ +Lubuntu12.XX v1.04 is suggested to build hadoop cluster on Cubieboards,which was integrated jdk-1.8 armhf in it.
- ​http://​​index.php?​title=Cubieboard/​Ubuntu_Nand_Images +
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