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-====== Prerequisites ====== +Is possible to boot system from SD card on Cubieboard. The cpu will try to boot from SD card first. If failed, the CPU will boot from Nand on board. This feature is very useful. We can install Android on Nand for entertainment, ​and install different Linux Distros on SD card for work/learning.
-===== Install Livesuit or PhoenixSuit ===== +
-All sunxi devices use LiveSuit as a default flasher and updater ​for retail customer ​and PhoenixCard or PhoenixUSB ​for flashing when devices are manufactured. LiveSuit/Phoenix protocol and data are closed-source standrad used by many companies and devices.+
-Please note that PhoenixSuit is actually LiveSuit2.0. There are different platform'​s PhoenixSuit +====== Downloads ====== 
-  - Windows +  ​* [[http://​​software/​a10-cubieboard/​lubuntu/​|]] 
-  ​Linux i386 +  ​* Also we can find lots of other SD card image from community.
-  ​Linux x86_64 +
-  ​- Mac+
-Please refer to the [[Common/​Livesuit Installation Guide|Livesuit/​PhoenixSuit Installation Guide]] +====== ​Write to SD card ====== 
- +<​code>​ 
-====== ​Installation Steps ====== +  $gzip -d 
- +  $dd if=cb-sdcard-lubuntu-linaro-quantal-alip-20130227-290.img of=/dev/sdX bs=1M 
-===== Download Image ===== +  $sync 
- +</​code>​
-Assuming you are going to use lubuntu-desktop-12.10 v1.05 +
- <​code>​ +
- $wget http://​​software/​a10-cubieboard/​lubuntu/​lubuntu-desktop-12.xx_v1.05.img.gz +
- $gzip -lubuntu-desktop-12.xx_v1.05.img.gz +
- </​code>​ +
- +
-For more Livesuit Images, please refer to http://​ +
-If you want to know more about what is a LiveSuit Image, please refer to http://​​LiveSuite_images +
- +
-===== Run Livesuit ===== +
-Run Livesuit, select the image we just extract +
- +
-===== Enter FEL Mode===== +
-Press the FEL key when power up(the FEL key is the one under the USB OTG port), The CPU automatically enters FEL mode. Livesuit will start to write the image to Nand on board.+
 +Please replace the /dev/sdX with your SD card on your system.
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