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    $ pack    $ pack
 </​code>​ </​code>​
-=====Important to Know===== 
-The images generated by the SDK are not suitable for every OS platform'​s Livesuit. Because the binary images (fed_nand.axf) from the SDK are buggy, we must choose a target platform of fed-nand.axf before running the pack command. 
-  *Making a livesuit image for Windows 
-Replace lichee/​tools/​pack/​chips/​sun7i/​eFex/​usb/​fed_nand.axf with lichee/​tools/​pack/​chips/​sun7i/​eFex/​usb/​fed_nand-windows.axf,​ then run  
-   #​remember to source & lunch cubieboard2,​ so that the "​pack"​ command will work 
-   $ pack 
-</​code> ​ 
-  *Making a livesuit image for Linux 
-Replace lichee/​tools/​pack/​chips/​sun7i/​eFex/​usb/​fed_nand.axf with lichee/​tools/​pack/​chips/​sun7i/​eFex/​usb/​fed_nand-linux.axf,​ then run 
-   $ pack 
-I have not tested it on Mac OS. 
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