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-====== Kernel Porting ​And Configuration ======+====== Kernel Porting ​and Configuration ======
-<WRAP noprint><​WRAP left box 60%> +==== Kernel Porting ==== 
-//__About this Article__//​ +Get the linux kernel source code [[​linux-sunxi-sunxi-3.4.61.tar.gz|linux-sunxi-sunxi-3.4.61]], 
-  * **Author**: waveshare --- --- 2013/11/21 11:54 +Or can be obtained from the internet: 
-  * **Copyrights**: ​[[|CC Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported]] +​linux-sunxi/​linux-sunxi/releases ​ , 
-  * **Contributors**[[|Cubieboard Community]] : ... +To avoid unexpected error while porting, please download the 3.4.61 version kernel
-===== Abstract =====+=== Extract the kernel source code === 
 +Assume that the source code was placed under /​home/​waveshare/​cubieboard/​kernel directory, use the following command to extract it:  
 +  #cd /​home/​waveshare/​cubieboard/​kernel 
 +  #tar -xzvf linux-sunxi-sunxi-3.4.61.tar.gz 
 +Now we get the linux-sunxi-sunxi-3.4.61 original source code, as shown in the picture below: 
-===== Headline ​=====+=== Assign the cross compiler ​===  
 +The purpose of kernel porting is to run the linux-sunxi-sunxi-3.4.61 on Cubieboard.  
 +Modify the Makefile under root directory:​ 
 +  #cd linux-sunxi-sunxi-3.4.61 
 +  #vi Makefile 
 +Edit the following lines: 
 +  ARCH   ?$(SUBARCH)  
 +  ARCH        ?= arm 
 +  CROSS_COMPILE ​  ?= arm-linux-gnueabihf- 
 +ARCH specifies the target platform as arm, CROSS_COMPILE assigns the cross compile tool chain. As shown in the picture below: ​
-==== Headline ====+{{.:​document-5_1.jpg}}
 +Note: the vim editor is recommended.
-===== Headline =====+=== Clear the temp files ===  
 +Under the root directory, enter: 
 +  #make clean
-=== See Also ===+=== Copy the default config file ===  
 +Under the root directory, enter: 
 +  #make sun4i_defconfig 
 +A hidden .config file will be generated under the root directory. 
 +=== Config the kernel ===  
 +Under the root directory, enter: 
 +  #make menuconfig 
 +Config the kernel on the popup window, as shown in the picture below: 
 +=== Compile the kernel ===  
 +Under the root directory, enter: 
 +  #make uImage  
 +It will take much time to complete the compiling. 
 +When completed, the compressed kernel image will be generated under linux-sunxi-sunxi-3.4.61/​arch/​arm/​boot directory.
 <WRAP noprint> <WRAP noprint>
 {{tag>​Cubieboard Cubietruck}} {{tag>​Cubieboard Cubietruck}}
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
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