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Line 11: Line 11:
 +===== Building environment for Android =====
 +Refer to the link:[[http://​​tutorials/​cb1/​development/​cubieboard/​building_environment_for_android|Building environment for Android]]
 ===== Download the source code ===== ===== Download the source code =====
Line 17: Line 20:
   $mkdir a10-android-ICS && cd a10-android-ICS   $mkdir a10-android-ICS && cd a10-android-ICS
   $wget http://​​software/​a10-cubieboard/​android/​A10-android-4.04.tar.xz   $wget http://​​software/​a10-cubieboard/​android/​A10-android-4.04.tar.xz
-  $tar -xzvf A10-android-4.04.tar.xz+  $tar -xvJf A10-android-4.04.tar.xz
 ===== Compiling image===== ===== Compiling image=====
 After get the source code,you could use common to build it as follow: After get the source code,you could use common to build it as follow:
Line 38: Line 41:
   $cd ../android   $cd ../android
   $source build/​   $source build/​
-  $lunch 11 (select apollo_cubieboard-eng)+  $lunch ​ 
 +  $11     //note:select apollo_cubieboard-eng
   $extract-bsp   $extract-bsp
   $make -j8   $make -j8
Line 57: Line 61:
 +It is recommended to run this on Ubuntu 12.04 setup. You will need '​make'​ version 3.81 specifically.
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