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Building & Install Android ICS(A10) Image

About this Article

Building environment for Android

Refer to the link:Building environment for Android

Download the source code

Before all you should make sure that you have more than 23GB space

$mkdir a10-android-ICS && cd a10-android-ICS
$tar -xvJf A10-android-4.04.tar.xz

Compiling image

After get the source code,you could use common to build it as follow:

Build Linux kernal

$cd lichee/
$./ -p sun4i_crane -k 3.0

Start building:

Sucess building:

Build Android image

$cd ../android
$source build/
$11     //note:select apollo_cubieboard-eng
$make -j8

Finish building:

Pack Final image:


Pack success:

Install image

The final image is at lichee/lichee/tools/pack/sun4i_crane_cubieboard.img


It is recommended to run this on Ubuntu 12.04 setup. You will need 'make' version 3.81 specifically.

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