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-====== Using Python Program Control ​Gpios ======+====== Using Python Program Control ​GPIOs ======
 <WRAP noprint><​WRAP left box 60%> <WRAP noprint><​WRAP left box 60%>
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-Here is the guide to show  that how to use Python ​program ​Control ​GPIOs .More others way to control can refer to http://​​tutorials/​common/​gpio_on_lubuntu+Here is the guide to show  that how to use python ​program ​control ​GPIOs .More others way to control can refer to http://​​tutorials/​common/​gpio_on_lubuntu
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 $sudo apt-get update $sudo apt-get update
 $sudo apt-get install python-dev $sudo apt-get install python-dev
 $tar zxf pySUNXI-0.1.12.tar.gz $tar zxf pySUNXI-0.1.12.tar.gz
 $sudo python install $sudo python install
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