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Cubie Breadboard


  1. VGA display interface is available
  2. Add 2.54mm pitch 96 pins male-connector, for ease of breakout all the extended funcions pins in this baseboard
  3. Offering 1312 isolated cell-vias with size of 1.1mm/1.8mm and 2.54mm pitch, for ease of doing circuitry DIY experiment

MicroSD Breakout

For exporting UART and JTAG pins of Cubieboard


Cubie Black & White Acrylic Case

(1) Totally enclosed, Dust-proof

(2) Convenient to access SATA and 96 extended pins even with this case.

Cubie Simple Acrylic Case

Suitable for developers, convenient to access all the interfaces of cubieboard.

Transparent Case for Cubieboard

The same with Black&White Case, but the color is different

TTL to USB serial cable

2 in 1 heatsink package

  1. Clean up the surface of the main chip, make sure not to have greasy dirt
  2. Coat with a thin layer of thermal silicone on the surface,recommended thickness is 0.1~0.5mm,the thinner the better
  3. Attach the metal block, press slightly, adjust the position of the main chip, do not move within 10 minutes. Warning: This silicone adhesive force is large, not easy to remove after dry

All in one heatsink

The usage of All in one heatsink is more easy. Just rip off the gummed paper and then stick it on the mainchip.

12V-5V SUB

  1. The function of 12V-5V SUB is to support 3.5-inch hard disk drive in Cubieboard or Cubietruck. And you can also use it if you haven’t a 2A@5V adapter but a 12V adapter. It is very useful if you have an old HDD and want to build a personal entertainment media center.
  2. This is a simple board which made by a newbie from Cubietech, we offer all the design files.

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