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Cubieboard is pronounced as [kju:b-bɔ:d], and it is a combination of cube variant and board, meaning a very small cute box. It represents a series of boards designed by cubieteam, including Cubieboard1, Cubieboard2, Cubietruck(Cubieboard3), and the coming Cubieboard4(A80 SoC, big.LITTLE 8 cores). We also have asked one of our friend to design a logo for the board showing below

Is a cartoon of the golden snub-nosed monkey, about the history please see the news here.


The boards are designed and produced by cubieteam, which is a small team in Zhuhai,China.But now we have an office in ShenZhen as well. The small team are focus on providing low cost, hacker friendly, community friendly, but still high performance mini PC for people all over the world, hoping to help promote the level of computer education and simplify the prototyping software/hardware products. For more team information, please come here.


Cubieboard is more and more popular all over the world, so cubieteam decided to create a company to operate the business. The Cubietech Ltd. was born at March 25, 2013, and his logo is show below:

To visit our company website, please come here

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