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Cubietruck Lubuntu Desktop Releases

About this Article

ct_lubuntu_desktop_preview (obsolete)

Download All Of Features
12.10_20130909.img.gz 1.Lubuntu 12.10 desktop
2.Add RTC, GMAC, WIFI, S/PDIF, LI-BAT support
3.A preview version use it as your own risk
Resources Tips
Kernel branch sunxi-3.4-ct-v100 or branch sunxi-3.4-ct-v101
Kernel Config
FEX Config


  • ct_lubuntu_desktop_12.10_card0_20130909.img.gz is a card image, to install it
#gzip -d ct_lubuntu_desktop_12.10_card0_20130909.img.gz
#dd if=ct_lubuntu_desktop_12.10_card0_20130909.img of=/dev/sdX bs=1M
  • ct_lubuntu_desktop_12.10_20130909.img.gz and ct_lubuntu_desktop_12.10_card0_20130909.img.gz are built without sound modules. but ct_lubuntu_desktop_12.10_20130910.img.gz is ok.
  • Refer to Livesuit/PhoenixSuit Installation Guide for Nand Installation


Download Features

1.Lubuntu 12.10 desktop
2.Enable Cedarx,Some minor fix
3.Change the partiotion layout, making more
easy to change boot parameter, kernel
Kernel Source
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