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Cubieboard4(CC-A80) Awinner A80

More source ,please visit ftp site Cubieboard4


Hardware Specs

  1. SOC
    1. Allwinner A80 ,Octa-Core Big-Little A15/A7,28nm
    2. CPU :ARM Cortex A15x4 up to 2.0GHz,A7x4 up to 1.3GHz
    3. GPU : PowerVR 64-core G6030
  2. Memory: 2GB ,64bit,dual channel,1600MTPS
  3. Storage : EMMC ,up to 64GB,default 8GB ,write/read speed 25MB/s
  4. TF-Card : Micro SD Card
  5. USB : USB2.0 hostx4 ,USB3.0 OTGx1
  6. Display
    1. HDMI Port A ,HDMI V1.4a
    2. VGA support 1080P resolution output
  7. Ethernet: 10M/100M/1000M NIC
  8. Wireless:
    1. WIFI :2.4G/5.8G,dual band ,300Mbps with external antenna
    2. BT : BT4.0+EDR
  9. IR : IR receiver Philips standard
  10. RTC : Support 1220 size rechargeable button cell
  11. Audio : Support 3.5 Headphone and Microphone
  12. Power :
    1. DCIN 5V@4A Power
    2. Support USB 3.0 Jack Power
    3. Support 3.7V Li-Po battery
  13. Keys : Power Key ,Reset Key ,Reboot Key
  14. Leds : Power Led x1 ,User Led x2
  15. Expansion Pins : UART x3 ,I2C x3 ,JTAG ,5V and 3V Power

Expansion Ports


Get start with Cubieboard4

Cubieboard4 support Android and other Linux Distrubutions ,Android is preloaded in factory.

Distrabution List


Only support Livesuit or PhoenixSuit tools upgrade.

Android 4.4

Linux Distrabutions

Only support Micro-sd Card upgrade.

  • Micro-sd Card Image
  • EMMC Image

Ubuntu Linaro Trusty Desktop

Ubuntu Linaro Trusty Server

Debian Wheezy Server

Build Your OS


2D/3D Acceleration

Hardware Video Decoding


See Also

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