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Getting the Source Code

The Android TV source code for Cubieboard can be downloaded at the URL
If you want to build Android TV image for cubieboard, you need to know how to use git and android repo (just some basic commands will be okay). Also the recommended building environment is ubuntu 12.04(x86_64).
You can refers to

Openbox is just an alias for Cubieboard Android TV. I know that a window manager for the X Window System also names openbox, they are totally different thing. Here we mention openbox refers Cubieboard Android TV. Here are the way to get the code

 $ curl > ~/bin/repo
 $ chmod +x ~/bin/repo
 $ mkdir openbox && cd openbox
 $ repo init --no-repo-verify -u git:// -b cb -m openbox.xml
 $ repo sync

Building Image from the Source Code

 $ source build/
 $ lunch 4 (note: select cubieboard option)
 $ make -j4
 $ tools/ (note: this will generate the final image suitable for livesuit tool)

Install the Image to Cubieboard


*Build openbox for cubieboard from youtube; many people in china are unable to access youtube, so it is here now

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