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Lubuntu Dual Os

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Some people complain that, after booting Linux from TF card, the Android OS on Nandflash get damaged somehow. Here we give a solution to run dual OS (Android@Nand, Lubuntu@Card). The reason for the issue, is that the sunxi nand driver is quite different with the close sourced one. After loading the sunxi nand driver, it will damage the partition table for Android on nand. Currently, It seems that disabling the sunxi nand driver is the only way.

Running Dual OS(Android/Lubuntu)

Making Lubuntu Card Image

Disabling Nand Driver

After making Card Image successfully, insert the SD card on your host. You will see the script.bin file on the 1st partition.

#bin2fex script.bin script.fex
#vi script.fex
Change 'nand_used=1' to 'nand_used=0'
#fex2bin script.fex script.bin

Installing Android on Nandflash

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