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Installing SD Boot on Android-4.2.x

Cubieboard has already supported the SD boot,it default thar insert SD-CARD can be achieved SD boot.So we just need a small and simple software that you can create SD boot image.

Of course, you should prepare a card-reader, an SD-card.

Note : This operation should be in the Windows !

At first , download PhoenixCard into your machine,and decompression it.

And then open PhoenixCard_V309 folder, double click PhoenixCard.exe;

The screen will appear:

Set the relevant entries:

  • Insert SD-Card-Reader,click on “获取盘符”,so it can check device;
  • Then click on "镜像文件",select Android image which you want,and select "卡启动" in “烧写模式”;
  • After all,you can click "烧录",and wait for few minutes,it will install image into SD-Card.

When it finished it should like this:

Finally remove SD-Card from your machine,and insert the card into Cubieboard,give the power.Now you will see the Android system boot from the SD card!

You can download the PhoenixCard_V310 from here

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