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Suitable for Livesuit

The following images are suitable for Cubietruck's Nand Flash installation

v1.00 will not suitable for version B A20 chip. for version B chip, please use v1.01 or later version images


Android 4.2_v1.00

Download Features

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1. Integrated Bluetooth,wifi and RTC
2. Support Windows/Linux Livesuit
3. Support 10M/100M/1G Ethernet
4. SATA 2.0 interface support 2.5’ HDD

Android 4.2_v1.01

Download Features

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1. It used 3.4 kernel
2. Don't support script.bin
3. Support Wi-Fi hotspot
4. Support Network Neighborhood and NFS Share

Android 4.2_v1.02

Download Features

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1. Improved stability
2. Optimize the Launcher
3. App compatibility improvements
4. Support screen and video rotation


The reason to make different images for each platform's livesuit

A binary image named fed_nand.axf from allwinner have 2 version. One is for Windows, and the other is for Linux, But when making livesuit images, It's hard to tell which livesuit are going to use. (NOTE: from v1.05, this problem is fixed)

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