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In this article we are going through the steps of installing (re-installing) the Android image (LiveSuit type) onto the Cubieboard. The Cubieboard comes with 4GB of internal storage memory (called NAND), where you can install an operating system like Android or GNU/Linux.

You need this guide if you want to upgrade the Android on your Cubieboard to the latest version. You also need this guide if you want to re-install Android on the Cubieboard NAND memory, if you had replaced Android with a GNU/Linux distribution (in the NAND memory).


Prepare A Mini USB Cable

The following picture is a Mini USB cable


Of course, you also need a Cubieboard


Installing Livesuit Program

Please see the README.pdf in the above archives, if any. A Livesuit for Window8(64bit) screenshot is shown below


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