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Writing Linaro System into SD Card

Note: linaro-precise-alip-201209 is used for demonstration. After the system was written into SD card, the default Linux kernel version is 3.0. We'll upgrade it to 3.4.61 later on the Linux kernel porting section.

Format the SD Card

format the SD card by using HPUSBDisk

Writing Linaro System into SD Card

1. Insert the SD card to your computer, it will be detected and mounted under the /media/ directory. Enter the following command on the terminal to unmount all the devices:

# sudo umount  /media/*  

2. Find out the SD card device name on your system, say, sdc or sdc1. We assume that the device name is sdc here.

3. Copy the sunxi-bsp to ubuntu system. Enter the sunxi-bsp folder, use the following commnad:

#chmod 777 *  
#chmod 777 scripts/*  
#sudo ./scripts/  /dev/sdc cubieboard2_hwpack.tar.xz linaro-precise-alip-20120923-397.tar.gz  

Obtain the linaro-precise-alip-20120923-397.tar.gz, enter the following commands on ubuntu terminal:

#sudo wget   

Obtain the cubieboard_hwpack.tar.xz, which is suit for Cubieboard1 only.

#sudo mkdir mycubieboard2 
#sudo cd mycubieboard2  
#sudo wget

Then make a cubieboard2_hwpack.tar.xz for Cubieboard2, based on the cubieboard_hwpack.tar.xz.

#sudo xz -d cubieboard_hwpack.tar.xz
#sudo tar -xvf cubieboard_hwpack.tar
#sudo rm -rf cubieboard_hwpack.tar

Extract three folders from the package: bootloader, kernel, rootfs.Then replace the files under bootloader and kernel. Copy the script.bin, sunxi-spl.bin, u-boot.bin and uImage files script.bin sunxi-spl.binu-boot.bin uImageto the mycubieboard2 directory, then execute:

#sudo mv sunxi-spl.bin u-boot.bin bootloader/
#sudo mv script.bin uImage kernel/
#sudo tar -cvf cubieboard2_hwpack.tar bootloader/ kernel/ rootfs/
#sudo xz -z cubieboard2_hwpack.tar
#sudo chmod 777 cubieboard2_hwpack.tar.xz

Now the cubieboard2_hwpack.tar.xz is available for making SD card system.

4. When completed, insert the SD card into Cubieboard, power up the board to boot Linaro system. On the first startup, the video output is HDMI-to-VGA output, or serial port output. You can connect the Cubieboard to the monitor through an HDMI-to-VGA convertor, or use the serial port monitor to display the Cubieboard system terminal.

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